We are the one and only seller of Health Hoops in the world!
Pyunghwa Ltd. (South Korea) was founded in 1991. Since then we specialized in producing Health Hoop with built-in magnets.
Since 2006 we prepared launching our Health Hoop in Europe.
That is the reason why we solely received the German TUV sign for our product.

SOM Europe GmbH
Langenhahner Str. 14
56457 Westerburg Germany

TEL : +49 (0)2663/9179920
FAX: +49 (0)2663/9179929
E - mail : info@healthhoop.de

About Health Hoop
Why magnets
Work-out advices
The results are: slim waist, strengthens the body tissues and strong muscles
Swing-up your life!
Stress, pain and exhaustion can be alleviated!
SOM Europe GmbH. Langenhahner Str. 14 56457 Westerburg Germany.TEL : +49 (0)2663/9179920 FAX: +49 (0)2663/9179929
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